Hi I'm (my user) I'm ??? y/o and if I'm not online I'm watching skz code, txt todo or binge watching Kdramas. Im an ISTP-T.

Before you interact:
I rage alot, Im quite slow, I cant control my anger well, Im overdramatic sometimes

Do not interact:
Literaly no one will listen to this but... No under 12, over 19, basic dni...

Spicy food
baseball caps that go so low they hide your eyebrows😍

Weird textures
Fire alarms
Plain food

Ult Bias:
Changbin (help)

Favorite shows:
A love so beautiful, Business proposal, My Id is Gangham Beauty, Clean with a passion for now, School nurse files

Changbin/Han-skz ,OT5-Txt (help), Stayc-Seeun, Nwjns- Danielle